2019 Keynote

Alberto Ayala | Executive Director/Air Pollution Control Officer, Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District

Alberto Ayala

2019 Speakers

Jim Castelaz | Founder & CEO, Motiv Power Systems

Jim Castelaz

Morgan Caswell | Environmental Specialist, Port of Long Beach

Morgan Caswell

Paul Chamberlain | Fleet Services Manager, Clark Public Utilities

Paul Chamberlain

Gary Fanger | Chief Executive Officer, President, Cynergy Solutions

Gary Fanger

John Gerra | Director of Business Development, BYD

Zach Henkin | Deputy Director, Forth

Zach Henkin

Chad Hunter | Transportation Systems Analyst, Transportation & Hydrogen Systems Center, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Chad Hunter

Ron Johnston-Rodriguez | President, Drive Electric Washington

Ron Johnston-Rodriguez

Kevin Kuper | Manager, Finished Products, PNW Region, SeQuential

Ryan Lamberg

Ryan Lamberg | Consultant, National Biodiesel Board

Ryan Lamberg

Keith C. Leech Sr. | Chief, Fleet Division and Parking Enterprise, County of Sacramento

Jaime Lemus | Acting Division Manager - Transportation and Climate Change Division, Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District

Jaime Lemus

He continued his student intern research at the California Air Resources Board studying the correlation between respiratory illnesses, air pollution and environmental degradation until 2001 upon joining the Sac Metro Air District in the Stationary Source Division. Jaime holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Native American History, University of California, Davis and Environmental Studies, California State University, Sacramento.

Ernesto Martinez | Treasurer, Greater Sacramento Regional Clean Air Coalition

Penny McDaniel | Director, U.S.-China Green Ports and Vessels Initiative, Lead, West Coast Collaborative & DERA, US EPA Region 9

Paul Menig | CEO, Tech-I-M

Paul Menig

Always approaching development from a holistic business sense, and with the total system in mind, his teams introduced numerous products, including automated mechanical transmissions, electronic braking, radar collision warning, electronic engine controls, telematics, driver instrumentation, vehicle power management, multiplexed electronic controls and diesel-electric hybrids. In addition, those team learned to continuously improve engineering processes, decrease product and assembly costs, and improve the reliability of systems in the field. His experience includes 15 years with Eaton developing new products and growing business for industrial automation, military systems and trucking. Paul's career started at General Electric in military products and medical systems after graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

William Needles | Sales & Public Safety Director, Stealth Power

William Needles

Karl Pepple | U.S. EPA Region 10

Karl Pepple

Lauren Reichelt | Clean Transportation Lead, Blue Planet Foundation & Coordinator, Sustainable Transportation Coalition of Hawaii

Lauren Reichelt

Travis Ridgeway | North Washington Region Manager, Weyerhaeuser

Travis Ridgeway

Tim Taylor | Executive Director, Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition

Tim Taylor

Jeremy Twomey | Regional Sales Manager, XL Hybrid

Jeremy Twomey

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